Wisconsin LEDR Team Providing immediate support services in the event of law enforcement deaths regardless of the circumstances.


Law Enforcement Torch Run

WCPA President's Message

Thank you for your interest in the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association and for taking the time to visit our website. 

The Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association exists to be a public voice on social and professional issues related to law enforcement. The Association represents more than 600 members from nearly 500 local Wisconsin communities. The Association strives to serve as a resource to its members, by supporting training on state-of-the-art concepts in policing and by providing representation for the general good of law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels. The Association serves as a legislative advocate for law enforcement and endeavors to provide open communication on matters of public concern so that law enforcement is represented in a manner that embodies the highest level of integrity and honesty and embraces the moral and ethical behavior that is consistent with the law enforcement code of ethics.

The Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association seeks not to dictate the operation of its member agencies, but rather intends to provoke thought, discussion and actions that enhance public service to the citizens of Wisconsin. The Board of Directors is committed to guiding and directing the organization to support the continuing development and of its members and the profession of policing. 

On behalf of the board, if the association can assist you in any way, consistent with the mission of the organization, please do not hesitate in reaching out to the executive director or me. It is an honor to have the privilege of leading and representing such a distinguished organization.


Christopher Domagalski