I would like to welcome you to the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association (WCPA) website. The WCPA represents over 700 law enforcement executives throughout the State of Wisconsin with a strong history dating back to 1907. The WCPA is proud to serve its Members with information, professional opportunities, legislative efforts, command level educational opportunities, mentoring and great networking opportunities at our annual conferences. Please take full advantage of these opportunities.

The WCPA exists to be the voice of our Members. We strive to be a strategic resource for our Membership in effectively and professionally serving their communities. We have moved towards a more business type model of conducting Association business and have outstanding staff, Board, and Committee Members who are dedicated to the mission of our great Association. 
To all of our Members, please remember, this is your Association, and your participation and ideas are needed. Fresh perspectives from new Members are are always welcomed. If you are a seasoned Chief, your wisdom is always needed. I would strongly ask you to consider volunteering for a committee or running for office. 
I want to reinforce that this is indeed a great honor to serve as the President of the WCPA for 2020. I look forward to collaborating with all of our law enforcement executives and partners, as we strive to meet our commitment to excellence in enhancing the safety of the communities that we honorably serve day in and day out. 
Chief Kenneth M. Pileggi
Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association


The Mission of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association:

The mission of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, Inc. is to be the public voice on social and professional issues for law enforcement; to be a resource to its members; to make training available regarding the state-of-the-art concepts in policing; to be a legislative advocate for law enforcement; to provide representation for the general good of law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels; to provide open communications with members and the public; to ensure the organization, as the beacon for Wisconsin law enforcement; embodies the highest level of integrity and honesty; and embraces moral and ethical behavior emanating from the principles found in the law enforcement code of ethics. 

The Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, Inc. seeks not to dictate the operation of its member agencies, but intends to enlighten and provoke thought, thereby enhancing public service to all citizens of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, Inc. also promotes social welfare and operates to further the common good and general welfare of all citizens in the State of Wisconsin. The organization will be one in which all members can take pride. 

Critical Response Group (CRG) Partnership

The Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association (WCPA) is proud to announce its partnership with Critical Response Group, Inc. (CRG), a team of U.S Special Operations Forces veterans, public safety professionals, and technical experts committed to enhancing public safety through the implementation of best-in-class technology. CRG offers two signature products that are revolutionizing how first responders communicate during emergencies. The first is a battle-tested communication tool called a Collaborative Response Graphic®, which was adapted from a mapping technique used U.S. Special Operators overseas to communicate during counter-terrorism missions. Collaborative Response Graphics combine facility floor plans, high resolution imagery and a gridded overlay together into one map and allow first responders from different disciplines to collaborate during an emergency using an accurate common operating picture. The second is 911eye emergency streaming, which enables a caller with a smartphone to stream live video footage, audio, and GPS coordinates to a 911-Communication Center. This allows dispatchers to make informed decisions on mobilizing the correct resources and provides invaluable information to initial first responders. LEARN MORE...


American Military University (AMU) Educational Partner
Great News! The Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association (WCPA) and American Military University (AMU) have partnered to provide educational opportunities to WCPA members, their officers, their families and employees of WCPA members. AMU, rated one of the best universities in the US, offers an online learning experience driven by faculty who have real-world experience and the knowledge to equip you with the skills needed to face today's challenges. Many of their instructors are current or former leaders in law enforcement, national security, and business. They work hard to make sure that our programs are in alignment with industry and law enforcement trends and are tailored to provide career-relevant education. LEARN MORE...


Wisconsin Law Enforcement Death Response Team 

Would you know where to turn if your agency were to ever experience the loss of an officer whether it be a line-of-duty death, suicide or medical emergency off duty? In the state of Wisconsin the Law Enforcement Death Response Team (WI LEDR Team) is a great resource available to all agencies. The WI LEDR Team is trained to assist with all details of a death of a law enforcement officer regardless of the circumstances. This includes: Death Notification, Critical Incident Debriefings, Peer Counseling, Funeral Service Preparations, Public Safety Officer Benefits (PSOB), Family Support, Media Coordination, and Agency logistics. 

There are PSOB benefits that someone may be eligible for under the Hometown Heroes Survivors Act. When an officer dies within 24 hours of a shift from a heart attack or stroke, this could be considered a line-of-duty death and there is potential that benefits would be provided. If your agency experiences a circumstance like this, please reach out to the team and they will work with your agency to see if the officer's survivors might qualify for these benefits. WI LEDR Team also works in collaboration with Wisconsin Concerns of Police Survivors, Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial Board, Wisconsin Honor Guard Association, and others. The WI LEDR Team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

To reach the LEDR team during the time of an officer death, please call Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas at (920)419-6100.  If you have general questions regarding the LEDR team contact Sara Phelan at [email protected]      

The WI LEDR Team is made up of volunteers from across the state who are current and former law enforcement members, licensed social workers with experience in law enforcement treatment and care, and trainers and professionals passionate about caring for our caregivers. We also have members on the team who are members of Wisconsin Concerns of Police Survivors (WI COPS), the Wisconsin Honor Guard Association, and the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial Board. 

For complete details, resources and updates please visit the WI LEDR website at: https://www.wiledr.org/ and be sure to like and follow us on Facebook.