Click this link to view the 2019 WPLF Summer Training Conference Exhibition Hall Floor Plan, Booth Assignments & Availability in Real-Time!

NOTE: Exhibitor booth assignments are determined on a “first come/first served” basis so specific booth placement can NOT be guaranteed. To increase the likelihood of getting your desired booth location, please register to exhibit via the online Exhibitor Conference Registration Form as soon as possible.

The online Exhibitor Conference Registration Form ONLY supports the registration of a company interested in a Single or Double 8.0 X 10.0' Standard Exhibition Booth. 

If your company meets ANY of the "Custom Exhibitor Registration Requirements" listed below, do NOT complete the online Exhibitor Conference Registration Form.  Instead you MUST contact Pete Peters (WPLF Conference Coordinator) via email [email protected] or phone 218-348-5911 for direct/custom Exhibitor Registration service.


  • Is interested in a Vehicular Display Booth
  • Is interested in more than one Standard Exhibitor Booth
  • Has committed to or is interested in becoming a "Conference Event Sponsor"
  • Is committed to or is interested in donating a firearm or other high value door prize