Because public safety deserves more, Virtual Academy equips your agency with the most effective training, compliance, and communication platform available. 

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Virtual Academy is specifically designed to provide the services of a state-of-the-art public safety training facility without the confinement of physical buildings and classrooms, allowing your officers and/or dispatchers to receive the same quality from any handheld device! We deliver the most engaging and knowledgeable experts directly to your agency, saving you the resources and money needed for visits to state training facilities. Our training classroom is user-friendly and easy to navigate, reducing the learning curve experienced with other programs while increasing knowledge absorption.

Virtual Academy was created to supplement your current training program and we know it will maximize your training dollars, giving you the capacity to invest in more... because you deserve it! 

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For more information, reach out to State Director Tim Styka or Sales Representative Heather Wall with Virtual Academy to schedule a demo and see the high quality management tools and experience the training yourself. You can reach Tim at [email protected] or 920-915-9658 or Heather at [email protected] or by phone at 731-446-7193.