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Aladtec is an employee scheduling and workforce management software system created specifically for Public Safety agencies. It’s ideal for the 24/7 scheduling challenges and staffing requirements found in Law Enforcement. With Aladtec, you can:

  • Save hours on your staff scheduling - from simple to complex
  • Allow employees to submit trades, time-offs, and sign-ups
  • Quickly generate reports for your tracking and payroll needs
  • Track personnel info, including licenses and certifications
  • Create/submit forms online such as vehicle checks and inventory

Our features allow you to automate mundane tasks, help eliminate human errors, and improve communication among your department. Delivering efficiency, transparency, and airtight documentation. With Aladtec, you can concentrate on more important things...the communities you serve. To learn more about Aladtec’s benefits and features, or to sign up for a free demo, visit