Official Public Safety Testing Service of the WCPA

Are you looking for a new Entry Level, Promotional, Dispatcher or Detective/Investigator Exam???
Look no further! WCPA Members representing over 200 departments in Wisconsin have used entry level, promotional, dispatcher and detective/investigator exams furnished by Stanard & Associates through their partnership with the WCPA. Since 2001, Stanard & Associates and the WCPA have partnered to provide off-the-shelf exams to help Wisconsin law enforcement agencies improve their selection processes.

Click here to view a list of Wisconsin agencies that have ordered POST exams through the Stanard & Associates /WCPA Partnership.

Exams available through S&A include:

Stanard & Associates also provides Online Employment Application Management Services and Psychological Evaluation Services conducted by a licensed police psychologist. 

To learn more about how Stanard & Associates can help your department with its testing needs, please visit Stanard & Associates website or call 800-367-6919.

Other benefits of ordering exams through the Stanard & Associates/WCPA Partnership include:

  • No Need to Hire Proctors: Conduct exams by administering them within your own department.
  • No Waiting for Test Results: Exams may be “self-scored” by you or, if you prefer, you may order exams that are scored by Stanard & Associates
  • Quick Delivery: Exams are shipped within days after your order is placed.
  • Pay Only for the Actual Number of Exams Used: For example, if you order (50) exams and only use (30), ship the remaining (20) unused exams back and you will ONLY be billed for (30). You are not billed for the exams and shipping until after you have completed conducting the examination and return the unused exams.            

For additional information about the Stanard and Associates/WCPA Partnership please contact Sean Marschke (WCPA Executive Assistant) via email [email protected] or call 262-497-6072